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Supportive Videos
for Your Journey

As you explore and begin your healing journey, check out these powerful videos that will provide value, education, and inspiration.


The society we live in prioritizes fun, fast, and easy. When you begin working with the Medicine, know the process is not going to be linear, fast, or always easy. It will be filled with peaks and valleys. It is important for you to embrace the discomfort that may come and feel the feelings as they arise. For that is the pathway forward to feelings of lightness, love, happiness, peace, and your own liberation. Psilocybin is there to support you and so are we. Remember, you are the medicine and you are magic.


There are two important steps when you begin working with the Medicine. 1-Setting an intention- intending where you want to go and what you desire as you embark on your healing journey 2-Integration- through your process you will have things come up; challenging emotions and feelings. Integration means working with what is coming up for you instead of dismissing it and shoving it under the rug. It will show you things you need to examine and something you have known deep down. Check out our website for more recourses on Intention Setting & Integration We have a FREE 90 Day Journal to help you Integrate Looking for single session Integration Support? Book with me here:


Welcome to The Kind Teacher! The Kind Teacher is the curious truth seeker and wisdom keeper that resides within you. We are a conduit to the medicine and your deep healing. We believe YOU ARE THE MEDICINE, which means you have everything inside of you to heal your own life. Here at The Kind Teacher you will find a vast amount of information to support you on your journey. We look forward to serving you!


A microdose is taking a small amount of Psilocybin and this is considered sub hallucinogenic which that threshold for the average person is typically up to 500mg. A macrodose is also known as a therapeutic doses or heroic dose. It is taking a higher amount of Psilocybin, typically 3.5+ grams and this experience is important for turning off the Default Mode Network of the brain. To set yourself up for safety, support, and more information- check out our page for all information on Therapeutic Journeying


The benefits of Psilocybin have been widely known and scientifically proven for decades. This Medicine is supportive for human beings and those struggling with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, addictions, OCD, PTSD, and more. How is Psilocybin able to support those with a wide variety of mental health challenges? It is pointing to a common root cause; rigidity in the brain- specifically the Default Mode Network. Psilocybin lastingly stimulates neuroplasticity in the brain and relaxes hard wired beliefs that are impacting how you show up in your life. It supports a brain that is more flexible instead of one that is stuck in rumination and looping thoughts. It will bring that to your awareness what you need to examine in your life, for that is the pathway towards your healing. Psilocybin makes kinder, more connected, happier humans. Humans that are more connected to themselves, their community, and world at large. Microdosing is not a magic pill, in order for you to receive the benefits it requires you to show up for yourself and work with what is coming up for you.


Mushroom strain names don’t matter and do not create specific different effects on people. The only difference is Lab crossed vs Wild Strains. Lab crossed strains are cultivated for potency where Wild Strains are perfect the way mother nature made it. What does make a difference is how the medicine is cultivated, harvested and raised. Here at The Kind Teacher, our Medicine is cultivated with the Intention of utilizing it as medicine. Check out more information on Strains here


We recommend microdosing for 90 days essentially 12 weeks. Within the 12 weeks there are different protocols you can follow for your individual journey. Please note this is not like Western Medicine at all, there is a flow you need to find for yourself as you develop a relationship with the Medicine. The first 2 weeks of your protocol is similar to going to the gym and building muscle for the first time. So start slow and easy as you first begin your protocol. Remember you are the medicine and the magic of microdosing comes from the conscious decision to show up for yourself consistently. Explore our list of suggested Protocols to follow here:


A protocol booster is an herbal and apathogenic supplement you can take in conjunction with your microdose. When protocol boosters are taken with proper dosage, it enhances your overall protocol results and health. In this video, we highlight two of our most popular; Stamet’s Stack and the Anxiety & Stress Relief Pack. Stamet’s Stack was developed by the famous mycologist; Paul Stamets. This Protocol Booster contains Lion’s Mane & Niacin (also no flush Niacin called Niacitol) Lion’s Mane has been shown to support neurogenesis of the brain and Niacin is Vitamin B3 which is used to vasculate- allowing for Psilocybin to move through the body and get into deeper regions of the brain. The Anxiety and Stress Relief Pack contains Ashwagandha an Ayurvedic Herb and Dragon’s Bone & Bupleurum which is a ChineseMedicinal Herb. Ashwagandha is wonderful for anxiety& stress relief where Dragon’s Bone is supportive for calming and grounding. To find out more information on Protocol Boosters, check out our website Other resources:


Become your own Teacher

No one size fits all approach

Psilocybin & Discomfort



No risk, no magic

Psilocybin is not a magic pill

How to Lemon Tek

Completed my protocol, what's next?

Always remember, you are the Medicine

The Kind Teacher Companion Class

Integrate with connection to the body through mindful movement with Tracy Adenjii-Adele. Tracy is an anatomy based movement artist and the owner of Tracy Lynn Movement.  This video is a wonderful companion to your Medicine Practice; a Body Scan that will allow you to commune with yourself.

Fungus is a Bridge Being

Teal Swan talks about how fungus holds a state of connectivity that is unmatched in the web of life and it holds a connection to non-physical reality.

The Root Cause of Destructive Habits

Ericka Day with Ericka Day Coaching explains why as humans we can develop destructive habits to cope with the past and how psilocybin can create a new pathway forward for healing.

Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Psilocybin Mushrooms,
Bridging Cultures
Across Continents: A Worldwide Re Awakening

Habitual Thinking & Stuck Brains

Michael Pollen explains what the psychedelic experience does for the brain in a beautiful and poetic way and explores the idea of how mental health issues may be caused by having a rigid and stuck brain.

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