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Lemon tek is a tried & true method for preparing mushrooms with a bounty of benefits, including alleviating the nausea & upset stomach sometimes associated with ingesting mushrooms. Lemon tekking is achieved by soaking mushrooms (or the contents of your mushroom capsules) in lemon or another citrus juice prior to ingestion.


When combined, the citric acids from the fruit chemically react with the mushrooms, partially digesting their contents & sparing your stomach of extra digestive work (or ache). In addition to a gentler digestive experience, lemon tek also potentiates the effects of the medicine.

Using Lemon Tek

for Therapeutic Journeying

For journeyers, lemon tekking effectively reduces body load, the unpleasant physical sensations like nausea often brought on by higher dose psychoactives & brings you into your journey more quickly & efficiently.


The result is a shorter, more pronounced & often more intense psychedelic experience with a clear start & end.

IMPORTANT: if you intend a high-dose journey using The Kind Teacher Portal Packs, you must lemon tek the contents of at least 6 capsules from your pack (the minimum to journey), or the contents from as many as all 10 capsules for a further intensified experience.


Visit Journeying to learn more.

How to Prepare Lemon Tek

  1. Empty the contents from your mushroom capsule(s) into a drinking glass or cup.

  2. Squeeze a lemon or other citrus juice over the mushroom powder contents until completely covered.

  3. Allow the mixture to sit for 15-20 minutes, stirring or shaking intermittently to ensure the contents are well combined.

  4. Drink the concoction as a shot or combine with warm water & honey to make it a sweet treat or tea. Note: If you add warm water, make sure the water is only warm, not hot or boiling. Add ginger, cinnamon or whatever natural tea ingredients you like to suit your taste.

  5. Drink & enjoy the effects of the medicine.

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