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Journeying with The Mushroom Journey by The Kind Teacher

  • The Mushroom Journey contains 10 individual 500mg (half gram) medicine capsules. While dosage results may vary by individual, we encourage all beginners to start modestly & seek support from a trusted guide or "trip sitter" for first-time, high-dose work. Always start with lower doses to calmly test the psychedelic waters before plunging into the cosmic deep end. Use your best judgment & refer to our Dosing Guide for more details.


  • The Mushroom Journey should always be prepared according to The Lemon Tek Method. If you intend a high-dose journey using The Kind Teacher Portal Packs, you must lemon tek the contents.


  • 7 capsules is the minimum amount to Journey or up to 10 capsules (entire pack) for a more intensified experience. Visit Lemon Tek to learn how this simple preparation method works.

The Mushroom Journey Dosing Guide


Low Dose (museum dose) with light psychedelic effects:


  • Great for hiking

  • Enhancing situations

  • Giddiness

  • Gratitude

  • Enhanced visual acuity


Low to Moderate Dose with mild psychedelic effects:


  • Creativity boost

  • Insightful thought

  • Enhanced empathy

  • Introspection

  • Possible visual patterns


Moderate to High Dose with intense psychedelic effects:


  • Body sensations

  • Obvious fractal visuals

  • Epiphanies

  • Distorted sense of time

  • Meaningful connection to oneself & the world

  • Possible dissolution of ego