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Understanding Mushroom Strains

Do differences go beyond appearance?

What differentiates strains?

We cultivate a wide variety of the highest quality genetics available to create formulations tailored by potency & class.

Our formulations are based on what we know, not what we don’t. While mushrooms can vastly differ in appearance & potency, science hasn’t found that different mushrooms strains or species carry inherently different tendencies. People, however, do, which is why mushrooms speak a unique language to each & every individual.

Strains we cultivate:


Landrace refers to the vast variety of wild genetics still found in nature today, cultivated for centuries by ancient civilizations. This class of naturally occurring strains, which we refer to as Ancient Elders, have a more gentle spirit and subtle potency factor akin to other entheogenic plant teachers. Many believe landrace strains carry an inherently spiritual quality because of their congenial connection to the natural world. When it comes to Ancient Elders, our laboratory is designed in nature's design, replicating the most optimal grow conditions to cultivate a wide variety of precious wild genetics with care & reverence:

  • Golden Teacher

  • Psilocybe Mexicana

  • Tosohatchee

  • Thai Elephant Dung

  • Amazonian

  • Psilocybe Tampanensis, also known as Philosophers Stones

  • Wild Mexi


Engineered for potency & deep exploration:

  • Enigma

  • A.P.E.

  • Holy Ghost

  • Ghost

  • Avalanche

  • Blue Meanies


  • El Cholo

  • Leucistic Golden Teacher

  • True Albino Teacher

Our mushrooms are:

Spore Superior

We believe quality starts at the spore level. We proudly partner with Inoculate The World, a global leader in mushroom genetics, to source the most premium mushroom cultures available today.

Freeze-Dried, Never Dehyrated

The nutritional value of freeze-dried is closely similar to that of its fresh counterpart.

In fact, freeze-drying is what makes our mushrooms so potent when rehydrated through Lemon Tek. Unlike dehydration, freeze-drying also removes excess moisture, which increases shelf life.

Master Grown & Nutrient Rich

Our mushrooms are cultivated in-house by a master grower & harvested young to optimize nutrient potential.


Our highly intentional formulations are intended only for medicinal use.

Fruiting Body Only

Our formulations are made using only the fruiting body or fruit, the mushroom’s cap & stem, where the highest concentrations of beneficial compounds are stored.

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