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Intend your goals & collect insights with regular integration

Walking the medicine path with awareness

Intend where you're going

Where to? Protocols regularly reveal that the path itself is often the destination. Ground your journey with intention, the direction in which you are headed & what you hope to achieve. Intention is simply pointed awareness for where you would like to go, what you would like to learn or what you wish to leave behind.

Intention Examples

  • My patience is without limitations.

  • I have access to vast spaciousness when difficult emotions arise.

  • I am whole.

  • I am abundant. 

  • I am actively calling in meaningful relationships aligned with my integrity.

  • I trust myself completely.

  • I am healing.

  • I love myself deeply.

  • I am open to inspiration & I create inspiration in this world.

  • I am learning what it means to show up & follow through.

  • I am looking after & nurturing my physical body.

  • discover new freedoms each day.

  • I give myself permission to experience joy.

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Integrate: pause, reflect & draw insights

Often referred to as the "sacred pause," integrating is the simple exercise of taking time to reflect. Like intentionality, integration carries a high frequency of mindfulness. Your new wisdom has the ability to cultivate new freedoms, injecting old ways of thinking or unhealthy habits with spaciousness

How to practice integration


  • Daily capture (1-2 lines to capture the essence of your daily experience)

  • Active journaling (use a dedicated "Notes" in your phone to capture insights as they arise​

Movement & exercise

  • Take care of your body. Leave your mind, get into your body, sweat it out & release.​​

  • Take yourself on a daily stroll outside, actively embodying presence with each step (15 mins)



  • Therapy​

  • Schedule a weekly time to share & unpack with a trusted loved one​​​​


  • Schedule a daily 1-hour digital detox to recharge & check in with your body

More about integration:

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