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I came to The Kind Teacher looking for support with my anxiety, for I have been on pharmaceutical medication most of my life and was not finding relief from it.  Within a month of my Kind Teacher protocol, I began to feel relief from my anxiety. The medicine acts as a teacher, helping you understand and manage your discomfort. This journey has been therapeutic and healing. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with anxiety. I'm very grateful.

Monica, 42

I am a yoga teacher with Lyme disease who struggles from debilitating pain. The Kind Teacher's medicine has significantly reduced the pain, and also has helped me tap into my creativity, to be present, and to listen. It has put me into my body. The love and care that The Kind Teacher puts into the medicine is felt, and greatly appreciated.

Allison, 45

I’m feeling so great after this month. I'm no longer drinking & I have a lot of energy & clarity.


As I begin my second protocol, I can say this: my life is changing. I’m understanding my habits & patterns, and I’m able to tweak them because I can see them. 

Nicole, 44

My microdosing experience has been a profound blessing. As a creative, I sometimes experience stagnancy. My protocol helped me to shed the rust and obtain newfound clarity.


The Kind Teacher's medicine has opened my heart, amplified my empathy & increased my understanding of people and their actions. Overall, I feel much calmer and able to easily let go of things as they occur.


I cannot say enough good things about my journey with The Kind Teacher. I have dealt with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. Through my protocol, I have seen a world of difference. I feel an immediate lift in mood on days that I dose and I'm HAPPY.


My macrodose journey with The Great Awakening was the most beautiful experience I have ever had introspectively and externally. I learned about myself, my past and what has been weighing me down. I will be starting my microdosing journey next and I feel tremendous hope as I am on my way to being myself again. Thank you to Ericka and The Kind Teacher, because without this treatment, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

Savannah, 38 

I was referred to the kind teacher by a friend who had a profound experience on her protocol. During my protocol, I realized I had been living life constantly on the go, and realized I am able to control the pace of my life. I implemented daily routines, my intuition increased, and I was able to slow down.  My level of consciousness has expanded, my gratitude for life, people, and experiences has been positively impacted. 10/10 recommend to anyone who feels a bit lost and needs gentle guidance

Trisha, 36

I was drawn to Ericka because I was very curious about plant medicine, and she was the perfect guide for that as well as an awesome coach to help me gain clarity and focus on changes I was looking to make. The combination of microdosing with Ericka as the guide to shine a light on the changes that were occurring was so important. Without the additional support from Ericka I would have likely overlooked the small changes that were occurring. It has been beneficial in a way I didn’t know I needed and I’m forever grateful for the groundwork of personal growth and change. I was able to eliminate my antidepressant, a long term goal, which was made possible with the support of Ericka and is life changing even with the challenges that come with it.


After months of seeking, working with others, and saying yes to life’s plan, experiencing a dark night of the soul, I found The Kind Teacher. The Kind Teacher has helped me out of the depths. I did a macro journey and re-emerged reintegrated. I had a clear direction to walk. I laughed out loud for the first time in months. Peace and excitement started to replace the void. The need to “seek” was overcome with the knowing that this life is the trip and the answers are all within.

Alexander, 32

I'm feeling a lot more even and less reactive.


I am so glad that I did this. It’s certainly lifted my mood and made me more creative and focussed. But also, it has really pushed me forward in terms of personal development: I find myself in situations where I would normally be triggered and fall into old patterns. Instead, I'm able to stand back, notice what I'm feeling & choose to sit with that feeling rather than act on it. It is actually a kind of miracle.

Tillie, 52

My two month microdosing protocol is the best I have felt in the past year since the loss of my dad. Anxiety is still there, but somehow it doesn't control me anymore.

Rene, 33

I've noticed I am more patient. The gentleness that left a few years ago is returning. I'm waking up happy & chipper. 


I've been microdosing for a few months now & have tried different providers. I immediately noticed the difference in quality & attention to detail offered by The Kind Teacher.


I have always struggled with anxiety & depression. Since my protocol, I feel a new sense of calm, patience, focus, and energy helping me excel at my daily responsibilities as an executive and as a mother.

Eve, 36

Through working with Ericka, I realized and saw my own value, began taking care of myself again, and I am more confident. I can finally see the opportunities available to me, and I am no longer afraid to explore them and my life. When I stumbled, she gently guided me back to my feet without letting me fully rely on her so I could do the work. She is a safe space to explore yourself and move forward with your life! 

Lilith, 27 

Working with Ericka as my integration coach has been truly transformative. After my journey with Psilocybin, I found myself overwhelmed and spiraling, unsure of how to make sense of the profound experiences I encountered. Ericka provided a safe and supportive space for me to navigate and dissect my journey, helping me uncover a central theme and understand its significance in my life. Through her guidance, I learned how to integrate these insights into my daily life, paving the way for me to confidently pursue my dream career path. Ericka's wisdom and expertise have been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery and personal growth, and I am deeply grateful for her invaluable support.

Ashley, 38 

Most of my adult life I suffered from anger, anxiety, and depression. Doctors and therapists suggested pharmaceuticals, which didn't end up supporting me. They kept increasing my dosage to where I was taking 50mg Sertraline twice per day for 9 years. After finding The Kind Teacher, I microdosed for 12 weeks and did a macrodose journey. It has changed me deeply; I am off all my medication, I feel happiness where I didn't before, and my family is noticing changes in my behavior. This medicine is working for me like nothing before, I am so grateful. 


After three days of microdosing I felt a deeper connection with myself and my friends. Everything that came to me is deep, infinite wisdom. I see how all my training as a doctor over the past 30 years has perfectly prepared me to be an amazing women’s empowerment coach. I was paralyzed with inactivity in my coaching business prior to this, and now it's as if my root chakra has been unblocked, my vision electrified, and my sense of smell heightened.

Cindy, 45

I wish I had discovered this medicine sooner. My depression & anxiety are almost all gone. I cannot seem to articulate into words how I feel, but I feel “connected” again. I have a deeper connection to people & nature. I can see the simplistic beauty of nature in a complex, deep way again & my relationships are thriving. I'm also noticing my ability to find solutions to difficult or challenging situations instead of reacting impulsively. This medicine has changed my life.

Elaine, 49

I’m at a loss for words. The medicine sparked something inside of me. For the first time in years, I am able to draw again. It reignited one of my passions & I couldn’t be more grateful.


During my protocol, I experienced an overwhelming sense of connection to the world around me, which lead me to self exploration in terms of my spiritual journey. I found myself wanting to connect deeper.


I feel really good. I have focus for writing and creative work, and love listening to music more. I even felt inspired to dance again. I used to be a performer. It was such a special thing to feel again.


I have always struggled with anxiety & depression. Since my protocol, I feel a new sense of calm, patience, focus, and energy helping me excel at my daily responsibilities as an executive and as a mother.

Eve, 36

Ericka taught me how to integrate all parts of life together and how to flow through change rather than be limited by it. She also helped me by introducing me to plant medicine and the release you can feel from connecting to a medicine that most are afraid to ever talk about. Ericka's honesty, compassion, and calm presence make every second worth it.

Colbie, 27

I felt the need to work with Ericka when I realized I had so much change happening in my life and I was terrified! Ericka has a focus on integrating all parts of life together and figuring out how to flow through change rather than be limited by it. Ericka also thoroughly helped me by introducing me to plant medicine and the release you can feel from connecting to a medicine that most are afraid to ever talk about. Ericka’s honesty, compassion, and calm presence make every second worth it.

Colbie, 29

My journey with microdosing has been transformative! Before I began my protocol, my days were filled with anxiety and disconnection. After my 12 week protocol, the changes in my life have been deeply profound and positive. I am more present, grounded, aware, calm, clear, and filled with gratitude for life. Not only has microdosing alleviated my anxiety, it is a trusted companion in my journey of self discovery. If you are considering microdosing, my experience is a testament to the deep positive changes it can bring to your life in a profound and sustainable way. 

Carmen, 45

The Kind Teacher's microdose is very soft & gentle. I experienced feelings of calmness & tranquility during my journey. The perfect pairing for my nature walks, meditation time & my yoga practice. On "off days," I feel ease, clarity & comfort. I enjoy the microdose a lot, but I may enjoy the space and clarity I feel after even more. Thank you for sharing your medicine with me.

Ally, 30

I have more compassion for myself.


With The Kind Teacher, it’s as if I’ve become an all encompassing beacon of light that I can feel deep within my core.

Racquel, 26

Amazing! The Kind Teacher is exactly that, kind! Alongside their superb customer service, they offer both wonderful guidance and quality medicine.


My amazing wife passed away tragically several months ago. A close friend suggested the Great Awaking portal pack as a addition to my daily dream work and meditation to lessen the trauma. Within minutes, I experienced an almost tangible clearness which I know has helped my rebuilding and rewiring of my brain with positivity. The trauma is still there, but it is more in the background while the repair work is in the foreground.

Brian, 55

I have anxiety and when I'm feeling anxious, my mood can get dark. The Kind Teacher's medicine has shifted that for me, helping me stay in the moment & see what's going on around me in an objective way. The Kind Teacher's support is like no other I've ever experienced on a healing journey. 

Ventura, 31

 I recently completed my first 90-day protocol and it truly changed my life in ways I could never have expected. The anxiety that I have had for over twenty years is almost entirely non-existent and I feel like the medicine has connected me to my true self. I feel better able to express myself in an authentic manner and have started to make more positive changes in my life that seemed impossible to do, even just a few months ago. A lot of deep and wonderful healing has come from this experience and I am so grateful for those at the kind teacher who help and support others in this way.

Mackenzie, 31

I am very happy I found this Medicine and The Kind Teacher. I was taking prescription Sertraline before and didn’t notice any improvements in my mood or anger. After macrodosing, I experienced one of the happiest days of my life. Macrodosing and microdosing have supported me in having a more pleasant life in my day to day and with family. 

Aldo, 38

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