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Integrating with a professional can be a powerful way to  deepen the results of your medicine work and translate insights into transformations.

If professional integration is a part of your protocol design, begin your journey with your search.

Take it upon yourself to seek out the support best suited to you and your individual needs. Trust that you know yourself best.

We often receive community inquiries regarding referrals. When our community speaks,

we listen. We are proud to share a list of trusted community experts who offer a range of integration capabilities.

Recommended Integration Practitioners 

Ericka Day

Coach, Mentor & Speaker

Ericka Day, Founder of Ericka Day Coaching, is a Certified Human Potential Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Retreat Leader. She helps clients improve their well-being and life to move forward, live intentionally, and achieve their dreams by combining somatics, mindfulness, biohacking, inner work, plant medicine, coaching psychology, nutrition, and holistic health. A Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist, Ericka holds a Bachelors of Science degree with a: double major in Genetics & Microbiology.

Heather Lindemenn

Healer, Helper, Mentor & Guide

Heather offers 1:1 & group psychedelic integration coaching (online & in-person) & coursework for personal development.

Elena Brower

Artist, Yoga-Meditation Teacher & Bestselling Author

Mother, humanitarian, artist, teacher, bestselling author and host of the Practice You Podcast, Elena has taught yoga and meditation since 1999. Her first book, Art of Attention, has been translated into seven languages. Her books Practice You & Being You are utilized as teaching tools in a variety of settings, including universities & teacher trainings.

Elena's yoga & meditation classes are featured on Her virtual Mentorship portal offers online coursework for creativity & her Perceptive Parenting audio course is a source for positive parenting for kids of all ages.


Elena's spoken word poetry can be heard on Above & Beyond’s Flow State albums. She works to elevate bright futures for girls and women through her support for Girls on Fire Leaders and On The Inside.

Astrid Schmidt


Astrid is a Certified Gestalt Therapist trained at the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy. She received her Master of Social Work from Columbia University. After several years working as a clinical social worker with children and families in East Harlem, Chinatown and the South Bronx. In 2006, she opened her private psychotherapy practice in New York City where she currently resides.

Astrid create space that gives others permission to find their root, the origin of their expression, and explore the awe-inspiring possibilities that arise when awe wake up. Her goal is to help her clients move gracefully, efficiently & thoroughly through their process to led more satisfied, peaceful & authentic lives.

Radhika Mukhija

Mentor, Coach & Meditation Teacher

Radhika is a published thought leader, wellness speaker & founder of Holistic Prana. A practicing women’s mentor since 2013, her approach combines Ayurveda with clinical sensibilities, neuroscience & the ancient wisdoms from her upbringing in India, where she studied consciousness, meditation & yoga since age 16.


After years as an executive professional, Radhika’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Determined to help her mother heal, Radhika became a certified health & life coach & trained yoga teacher. Her current certifications include:

Certified Health Coach

Certified Human Potential Coach

Trained Yoga Teacher

Bachelor's in Psychology; MBA

Pheroze Karai

Creative Growth Coach And Medicine Journey Guide

As a creative growth coach and medicine journey guide, Pheroze helps professionals and creatives overcome self-limiting beliefs to unlock their creative spark. His background as a professional musician, corporate leader, DEI facilitator, trauma-informed mental health advocate combine with his training in herbalism, energy reading, and intuitive capacity to create a unique and safe container for his 1-1 and group coaching clients. As an immigrant of Indian and Iranian origin, he offers discounted rates for members of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and neurodivergent communities.

Selena Garefino

Personal Development Coach, Movement-Meditation Teacher, Writer & Speaker

Selena is the founder of the WeEvolve Method™, an approach to yoga asana anchored in classical yoga, personal development & modern movement methodologies. She is the host & creator of the Mapping the Self Podcast™, a show dedicated to conversations on self-mastery, self-exploration & altruism.

Selena is a two-time Cornell Fellow, Fulbright Awardee & scholar. She holds a BA in Sociocultural Anthropology & Minors in Philosophy & Women’s Studies from the University of Montana, Masters in Public Health in Infectious Disease and Maternal Child & Infant Health from Boston University & is currently a PhD candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology with a focus in yoga & South Asian Anthropology at The University of Montana. Selena is an evolving martial artist & multi-disciplinary movement professional. Her signature wellness-based approach & expertise is informed by thousands of active training hours with modern luminaries and various certifications, including:

Katonah Yoga™

FRC Kinstretch™

FRC Mobility Specialist

Balanced Body Pilates

Personal Training

Precision Nutrition™


Movement Flow™


Tania Hadim-Adams

MSW, LICSW, CLE, E-RYT & PhD Candidate

Tania is a Southeast Asia-born integrative psychotherapist and coach and a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW). She has a specialty practice in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies, as well as other somatic and trauma-informed therapies. She is committed to being a reflexive practitioner deconstructing the processes by which she was taught, finding strength in honoring her own cultural and ancestral wisdom from family lineage. Currently an M.Ed. student focusing on how we learn and what is effective, she believes in decolonizing the therapeutic space. 

Jana Roemer

Intuitive, Holistic Health Provider & Astrologer

Jana Roemer is a Midwife of Awakening. She is an intuitive and alternative and holistic health service provider and an astrologer. Jana is the founder of Attune to the Moon, which offers practices linked to real-time planetary position. She also crafts intentional gatherings that help deepen intuition and harness energies to support living your best life

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